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I'm excited to share that the first to market, category creator, innovative wearable technology, powered by Toshiba. What is the HELO? It is a Health Lifestyle Oracle. It's like a fitbit on steroids. Not only can it count steps and calories and track your sleep, which is great. It can also take a non-evasive blood sugar estimate, blood pressure, perform an EKG and has a mood sensor as well as a panic button that will alert your loved ones in the event of an emergency giving them your last know GPS location. Helo records all your health vitals that can be shared with your doctor or trainer. In the near future it will also be able to check   alcohol levels, blood oxygen,if you are ovulating etc. Helo is the wearable technology of the future.
People today are looking for ways to reduce stress, have peace of mind and improve their health and lifestyle. Look no further!!
Our new to market, wearable technology called Helo is far superior then any other fitness tracker out there. This will help change the way you live while tracking your vital signs in real time 24/7, and you can share this information with your health practitioner.

Everyone uses bluetooth now, well it can have a harmful effect on your body--Do you want to give up your bluetooth devices? NO so you get aBio Zen and place it on your phone(which the blue tooth is most dangerous next to your brain), your computer,wifi box,wifi printer etc and you then protect your brain and body along with your family and pets! It is that easy--each device requires it own Bio Zen sticker --so you buy one now and buy one or two in a week or buy a pack and do all the devices. It is that simple, you can stop there or you can refer your friends and then you get a commision from what they buy--no have to buy just share if they worry about their health and loved ones they sell themselves

Protect yourself with our innovative BioZen chip. Amazing technology. Simple to apply.
Every day we spend more and more time using our tablets, mobile and smart phones. We are constantly sharing information, networking and communicating with our friends, our business partners, or just using these devices for fun. But did you know that all these devices emit radiation, which may be harmful for the human body?
The legally defined specific absorption rate (SAR) only protects our bodies against the influence of high radio-frequency radiation. BioZen is the only technology in the world that expands this protection to a biological level. This is possible by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are formed.

BioZen protects you against mobile radiation. Scientifically and medically proven.
BioZen uses the latest innovations in layered thin chip technology to actively protect your body: 24/7 for all your electrically powered devices no matter how or why you use your devices

- Reduces magnetic field gradients
- Defends against changes in your blood profile
- Lowers your body’s stress levels

Improve your health with a simple gesture.
BioZen uses the last technology in antenna wave shield and has been scientifically and medically proven.

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