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What is subspace or remote Biofeedback work?

"Distance" or "Subspace/Remote" Biofeedback sessions are often used when the client does not live close, or needs a sessions while on vacation,work,etc.  This is done by entering in the demographic's screen all the clients information.  These kind of treatments are possible because energy seeks to find the vibration that matches it's own.  Space and time are of no consideration and as the matching vibration is located, the re-balancing can them happen.  Being able to scan and balance a individual from anywhere in the world is an unfathomable idea, yet time after time, it has been shown to work with great accuracy, for example Penny would do treatments on her father while he would be in the Bahamas and she was in Colorado.  When a individual is born they have a very specific energy about them which makes them truly distinct in the quantum world, it is called a "biological signature".  By Penny entering your full name, date of birth, place of birth the treatments can take effect and find the individual anywhere in the quantum world.  This process is similar to dialing up someone on a mobile phone or sending a text, e-mail, subspace allows Penny to dial into the individual at any time with their permission and run treatments.  Some amazing results have happened including conditions of major stress reduction, calmness, etc. in office or remote sessions:  
The Quantum Indigo device is capable of providing therapy on site or at a distance.  Compare it to cable TV vs. satellite TV.  Cable TV sends a frequency through a wire.  Satellite TV sends a frequency through space.  The TV receives the signal and broadcasts it to you.  The Indigo can be attached via a series of wires/harnesses or it can work wirelessly through a transmitter on the device which is capable of both sending and receiving energetic frequencies. I can put a picture or say a sample of hair on my test plate, as each of us has our own frequencies from birth so the machine with all the info typed in can find or use the hair sample to find you whether hooked up or running remotely(you in the comfort of your home, or office etc).  Most often, children and animals receive biofeedback from a wireless signal.

What can you use biofeedback for?  The Quantum Indigo Biofeedback Device can be used for energy balancing for countless imbalances of body, mind, or spirit.  It has been used to recover from physical or emotional traumas, brain balancing,anti-aging, weight-loss, athlete training and injury repair as well as to remove stressful influences to allow the body to heal on its own, and many many other uses.

I also run "group remote sessions-this is where I run a group of people for different problems they may be having such as my "gluten group","prostate health group", "thyroid health group", " anti-aging and memory group" I run these once a week and they run for 1 month at a time,special rate for the rest of 2015 - cost of $50.00, if you sign up for two months you can add a family member for free  $100.00 for both months,---I can make up any kind of group sessions you would want and make family packages also, if you are interested please contact me

Remote work can also be done on "spaces" too-meaning your home that won't sell, or your new home that just does not have a good feel about it-or spaces of trauma or "entities" etc the list is long for what you can use the Indigo for, just give me a e-mail if you have questions.

If you are wanting a subspace or remote session of Biofeedback just send me a e-mail and I will get your information that is needed to run a session.  I take paypal or you can give me your credit card info over the phone.  I offer the package deals for remote work just like the regular Biofeedback sessions.